Untamed Irish Vodka Untamed Irish Vodka

Untamed® Irish Vodka

Untamed® Irish Vodka. The world's first Super Premium Irish Vodka distilled from apples. Distinctively smooth: the vodka lover's vodka.


Ireland's troubled history has produced
some of the world's finest soldiers and statesmen.
Out of the mayhem of the past centuries and against all odds,
the Irish have survived and succeeded.

Defeats were few and their conquests many.
They set out on this journey 'destination hope' to achieve something
not just for themselves but for subsequent generations.

Strangers will hear our name, know how fiercely we fought.
How much we loved.

We do not just pass through history
We make history
To Live our Lives free and untamed


UNTAMED® IRISH VODKA is the first and only
super premium vodka produced in Ireland.
Made with Irish apples and premium grain, to a unique recipe
which is subject to a patent application.

Carefully selected Irish apples grown in the green county of Cork, pot distilled in small batches and married with premium grain spirit and pure Irish water. Crafted to the optimal purity
with a distinctly smooth taste.

The Vodka Lovers Vodka

Vodka & Apple

  • 2 parts Untamed® Irish Vodka
  • 5 parts apple juice
  • Garnish with fresh apple

Method: Mix long over ice.
Untamed Irish Vodka & Apple

Vodka Martini

  • 3 parts Untamed® Irish Vodka
  • 1 part vermouth

Method: Garnish with apple.
Untamed Irish Vodka Martini

Vodka Collins

  • 2 parts Untamed® Irish Vodka
  • 1 part lemon juice
  • 1/2 part sugar
  • 4 parts soda water

Method: Mix long over ice.
Untamed Irish Vodka Collins

Vodka Shot

Serve Untamed® Irish Vodka chilled in a shot glass.

Untamed Irish Vodka Shot


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